Lost and Found in Las Vegas

This 6th annual collection of Vegas stories spotlights a selection of the city’s best writers, each exploring a common theme using their unique perspectives and styles. Produced in conjunction with the prestigious Vegas Valley Book Festival, it’s a must-have anthology for anyone curious about the city and what really makes it tick.

The nine stories in Lost and Found in Las Vegas span the gamut of genres, including essay, reportage, and fiction. This year they’re loosely based around the central concept of a “lost-and-found” box and the random and disparate items that might be found within. It’s the perfect metaphor for Las Vegas, a metropolis with such singular energies, generated by the juxtaposition–and sometimes collision–of so many diverse and frenetic elements. In no other city is it so easy to get lost, nor so vital to be found.

Writers Include: David Armstrong, Mason Ian Bundschuh, Heidi Kyser, Joseph Langdon, Launce Rake, Moniro Ravanipour, Geoff Schumacher, T.R. Witcher, and Mercedes M. Yardley. Edited by: Scott Dickensheets.

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