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Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor is a 12-page monthly newsletter jam-packed with current Las Vegas information. LVA is sent via first-class postage, timed to arrive around the first of the month ($50). The Las Vegas Advisor is also available at a discount ($37) in an online version only (no hardcopy), with all the benefits of LVA membership.

For more than 20 years, Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor has been reporting on, reviewing, and analyzing literally thousands of legitimate deals, opportunities, coupons, meals, shows, and promotions, as well as the come-ons and outright rip-offs dreamed up by two generations of Las Vegas hotel-casino operators. During this time, the newsletter has never accepted advertising, nor has LVA’s crack staff of reporters, writers, and editors taken even a single comp. This is the only way to maintain editorial autonomy and integrity, especially in a company-run town like Las Vegas. By doing and paying for everything we write about, we’re able to inform our members, as well as the hordes of print and broadcast journalists who contact us for unbiased information, how to get the most out of the incredible values that can only exist in an atmosphere as competitive as Las Vegas.

In short, we call ’em as we see ’em, without compromise.

Over the years, the Advisor has turned run-of-the-mill vacations into memorable experiences for tens of thousands of members. LVA’s coverage of the Las Vegas scene encompasses all aspects of a Las Vegas vacation, including dining, entertainment, gambling, lodging, discounts, and freebies, steering readers toward the good deals and away from the bad ones. We also provide commentary on and insight into breaking news, developing trends, and the rapid changes in the gambling capital of the world.

In addition, thanks to the LVA staff’s far-reaching contacts with industry leaders, media movers and shakers, and professional players, members get a deeply inside look at the always-fascinating, often-bewildering, and ever-evolving Las Vegas cityscape.

Best of all, LVA’s 15,000-plus members assist us in providing up-to-the-minute local coverage. At any given time, hundreds of subscribers are in town—scouting deals, taking advantage of recommendations, and discovering opportunities, then reporting their experiences back to us to share with the rest of our members.

No other online, print, or broadcast information sources can match the quality, comprehensiveness, and immediacy of the Advisor’s coverage of Las Vegas.

And that’s just the newsletter. A subscription to the Las Vegas Advisor also entitles members to the most valuable package of coupons ever assembled for this city: the Member Rewards Book. This handy and compact funbook contains coupons from multiple Las Vegas properties, worth thousands of dollars in savings over the retail prices. Used properly, one coupon alone—50% off anything at the Palms Resort-Casino up to $50—reimburses members the entire cost of their LVA subscription.

Members also receive access to all the members-only pages at, and coupons negotiated during the year that aren’t in the Member Rewards Book.

All this for $50—a price that hasn’t been raised since April 1992.

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