Submission Guidelines

Huntington Press publishes five to eight books a year. Our titles are exclusively gambling-, Las Vegas, and southern Nevada-related. Querying us for anything outside of our narrow niche is a waste of everyone’s time. Note that we also won’t consider gambling books that don’t have a solid mathematical foundation (which includes most money-management-based methods). Word count is generally limited to manuscripts of no less than 60,000 words and no more than 80,000.

How to Submit

We prefer query letters; usually, a one-page description of the book and its market will suffice for us to make a decision. Your query letter should include a short synopsis of the book, the targeted market, and your qualifications (as either writer or expert).

If you feel your work requires more explanation, we accept longer and more detailed book proposals (requirements detailed below). The process of composing a book proposal often helps to crystallize a writer’s thoughts on the work’s big picture and target market, but unless your topic is directly related to gambling or Las Vegas, a query letter is sufficient. If we’re interested in your work, we’ll request a proposal.

Book-Proposal Guidelines

Table of Contents, annotated with brief descriptions of chapters.
Estimated word count of manuscript.
Author credentials. (Have you been published previously? Do you have special expertise in your subject area?)
Is the manuscript complete? (If not, what is the estimated date of completion?)
One or two pages about your intended market. Who is the audience? What is the competition? Why is your book better than/different from published books on the same subject? What are your specific and practical ideas for marketing the book and generating publicity?
Proposals must include two sample chapters.

Send Queries or Proposals to:
We prefer query letters to be emailed:


If you like, you can also send queries/proposals to:
Acquisitions Department
Huntington Press
3665 Procyon
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Response to Queries

We try to respond to submissions in a timely manner. Emailed queries/proposals will be responded to within a few days, while it sometimes takes several weeks to hear back from us about snail-mailed submissions. When you mail in your submission, always include a SASE with enough postage to cover the return of your materials if necessary, and for heaven’s sake, include an email address.

Acquisitions Process:

After receiving your submission, a member of our acquisitions committee carefully reviews it. We look for clarity, technical accuracy, writing quality, compatibility with HP’s existing line of products, market potential, and, in the case of gambling books, mathematical proof of conclusions.

The receiving committee member briefs the other members on the manuscript at the next acquisitions meeting, sharing his or her comments. Acquisition meetings occur, on average, once a month. All submissions are brought to the attention of and discussed with the Huntington Press publisher, Anthony Curtis.

Should a proposal have merit, we respond by email or post (we vastly prefer email, so please provide an address if possible). Submissions that do not meet our guidelines or do not fall within our publishing scope are rejected. When possible, we offer constructive criticism and specific reasons for our rejection of the work. For submissions that pique our interest, we often initiate a dialogue, from asking for a bit more information to requesting a full-blown book proposal.

Typically, this process takes 30 days, but please allow up to six weeks for a response before inquiring about the status of your work. We appreciate having the opportunity to review your work and we take pride in responding to all submissions in a timely and friendly manner.