Anarchy of Memories

1710What if gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson took one more journey to Las Vegas in search of the American dream? What if the ghost of Ted Binion haunted his former home? What if Andre Agassi were caught up in a futuristic courtroom drama? These questions and more are explored by writers tackling the challenge of creating a fictional story around a Las Vegas icon. From a historical saga of Las Vegas’ early days to a madcap clone war along a sci-fi Strip, eight local writers experiment with a range of styles and genres in this seventh volume of the Vegas Valley Book Festival’s Las Vegas Writes Project.

Writers Include: Scott Dickensheets, C.J. Mosher, Drew Cohen, Jessie Humphries, Helen H. Moore, Sonya Padgett, Erica Vital-Lazare, and Doug Elfman. Edited by Geoff Schumacher.


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