1231Deep in the Nevada desert, on a military base that doesn’t exist, the U.S. government has developed the most sinister warplane ever to rule the skies. Its name is Rhombus and it’s the pinnacle of man’s genius applied to the art of mass destruction.

Rhombus is death come alive.

Lt. Michael Christum is America’s finest aviator, a supreme and lethal warrior. A man of honor, his love for his wife and children are as profound as his sense of duty. Christum will pilot Rhombus. Time after time he’s answered his country’s call, unflinching, unfailing. But this mission is different. It if fails, it will mean the eradication of mankind.

Rhombus is a high-tech action-adventure thriller penned by a U.S. Air Force Top Gun who employs his intimate knowledge of the military mentality, tactics, and weaponry to put you in the cockpit of the world’s ultimate weapon—heading toward a target that no one could possibly imagine.


About the Author: Bob Gore