Reach Mahjong

Mahjong is East Asia’s most traditional and recognizable game. Westerners, however, often disregard this intriguing and addictive game. No longer!

Written by the first American to be inducted into the prestigious Japan Professional Mahjong League, this book’s the best resource for learning all the tricks of the Reach Mahjong pros. It makes players out of total beginners, explaining the background, rules, and strategies of mahjong and enabling a newbie to participate within hours. For the first time ever, daunting Japanese terms and rules are translated and simplified for the edification of players of all ages.

With full-color illustrations, all the tiles, tools, and hands of the game are easy to recognize and soft on the eyes. So, have a seat and get ready to learn a unique hobby that will challenge you and your friends forever. Once you start playing, you’ll never want to stop.

About the Author: Jenn Barr