Eating Las Vegas 2016

1723The acclaimed Eating Las Vegas restaurant (and bar) guide returns for 2016, defining the city’s current “50 Essential” eateries (including the prestigious “Top 10”), but now with a much-expanded “Additional Recommendations” area, extended to include dedicated sub-sections on Steakhouses – always a staple of Sin City – and on Chinatown, which now boasts some of the top Asian restaurants and chef talent in the nation.

Penned by a trio of Las Vegas’ most-respected culinary critics — led by veteran and Eating Las Vegas blogger John Curtas — who each hail from a very different background, Eating Las Vegas boasts a singular voice thanks to its unique style that’s as refreshing in its irreverence and candor as it is informed.

Whether you’re a dedicated Strip-resort dweller or a denizen of Downtown; a gluten-intolerant vegan or a carnivore and craft-beer aficionado; an adventurous gastronome in search of the ultimate “chef’s tasting menu,” or looking for the best buffet bang for your buck, you’ll find a wealth of invaluable information and tips between the pages of this richly illustrated and candidly penned guide to the Las Vegas dining scene. Trust us, you won’t want to leave home without it.

About the Authors: John Curtas, Greg Thilmont, Mitchell Wilburn