Card Counter’s Guide to Casino Surveillance

Learning the subtleties of playing blackjack undetected, while maintaining a non-threatening image, is extremely difficult. It’s hard enough to fool the casino employees you can see—dealers, floormen, and pit bosses. But then there’s the “eye,” the shadowy, behind-the-scenes, surveillance department, with its cameras, biometric-identifying software, and the skills and instincts of the agents. Casino surveillance is so mysterious that the other casino employees know little of its methods, equipment, and personnel.

But now, for the first time ever, a long-time surveillance agent with vast experience and knowledge has emerged from the deep and dark recesses and exposed the inner workings to the light of scrutiny.

The Card Counter’s Guide to Casino Surveillance is packed with inside advice on solo and team-play tactics, how to fly below the radar screen, how to confuse the agents and software, successful camouflage and counter-offensive techniques, even sure-fire ways to get busted. This 135-page special report is a mighty weapon in any card-counter’s arsenal—and it’s fascinating reading for anyone interested in how casinos work.

About the Author: D.V. Cellini