Whale Hunt in the Desert (Third Edition)

A top casino host reveals the truth about the lifestyles and motivations of the world’s biggest gamblers, the “whales,” and how the casinos “harpoon” them.

This definitive exposé reveals the shrouded world of ultra-high rollers and the Faustian pacts they forge with their hosts, the casino representatives whose job it is to part them from their fortunes, using an arsenal of “weapons” including complimentary suites, private jets, diamond jewelry for their wives (and/or mistresses), front-row seats to sold-out events, and other shadier “tricks” up their sleeves …

This third edition includes an extensive update about Las Vegas, the “greening” of gambling, the nightclub and “day life” scenes, the evolution of the host position, and much more — all in the words of superhost Steve Cyr.

“Relentless salesmanship, intense attention to detail, the willingness to play dirty — Cyr walks a fine line between the house and the suckers.”  — Michael Kaplan, Cigar Aficionado

About the Author: Deke Castleman