Then One Year: Histories Craziest Year as Seen by a Las Vegas Bookmaker

Fresh off the success of his first book, Then One Day … 40 Years of Bookmaking in Nevada, in January 2020, Chris Andrews started keeping a daily journal to record the roller-coaster ride bookmakers undergo in a typical year from one Super Bowl to the next. Little did he know that 2020 would be anything but typical. Less than two months later, the worst pandemic in more than 100 years turned the world upside down and the wide world of sports and sports betting inside out.

Then One Year … History’s Craziest Year as Seen by a Las Vegas Bookmaker follows Andrews as he navigates—day to day and often minute by minute—the uncharted waters of running the sports book at Las Vegas’ South Point Hotel-Casino, maneuvering through the unprecedented and profound impact that COVID-19 had on both his personal and professional life.

In addition to further pulling back the curtain on the ways the industry’s top bookmakers think and operate, Then One Year will also help sports fans and sports bettors remember the best parts, and process the worst, of the most memorable year in recent history.

About the Author: Chris Andrews

Title: Then One Year… Sub Title: History’s Craziest Year as Seen by a Las Vegas Bookmaker Author: Chris Andrews
Pub date: December 2021 ISBN: 978-1-944877-51-4 Retail price: $19.95US
Format: Trade Paper Trim size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. Page count: 312

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