Telling Lies and Getting Paid

1256If you liked Man With The $100,000 Breasts, you’ll love Telling Lies and Getting Paid, author Michael Konik’s second book of gambling stories. Meet the Chicago nun who consistently out-handicaps the bookies with her football picks. Cruise around with the Line Mover, whose massive sports bets force bookies nationwide to alter the odds, and the High Roller, who gets whatever he wants—yes, whatever he wants—just by showing up in Las Vegas. Glimpse the wild scene at the casinos in Macao and visit the poshest casinos in the world. Get tips on how to set up a home poker game and how not to get ripped off by offshore sports books.

The title story is a brilliant portrayal of Konik’s participation in the World Series of Poker over the years, and how strongly a player’s personal life impacts his poker game.


About the Author: Michael Konik