Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong has made a name for himself through books, newsletters, software, and the Internet. He love to solve puzzles. And that is what betting on sports is all about. – solving puzzles about which team to bet and how to bet it. Of course, he has done his share of winning at gambling games. When he was in graduate school, playing blackjack was his primary source of income, and he stayed in school long enough to earn a Ph. D from Stanford. He published his first book, Professional Blackjack, in 1975 while a student at Stanford.

Perhaps you are wondering weather his advice on betting sports is accurate, and if it is valuable why is he selling it instead of using it himself. His advice is accurate and valuable, and he does use it himself.

Now he has it made-a wonderful wife and a comfortable home in LaJolla, one of the garden spots of the world. Their two children both are collage graduates, and both have graduate degrees. He is his own boss. Anything that has to do to be done that he does not feel like doing himself, he hires someone else to do. He could not have a more pleasant life had he chosen to do something other than figuring out how to win money from sports books and casinos.

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