Spider Snatch

Evvie North’s a typical young wife and mother—until a stray bullet kills her 18-month-old daughter and forever shatters Evvie’s normal life.

When her husband, Ted, a DEA agent, suggests they go to Panama to buy a boat and cruise the Caribbean, she agrees—anything to bury her grief, anything to forget that she was once a mother.

Shipwrecked off Panama’s coast, Evvie finds herself on an island inhabited by gentle Cuna Indians but controlled by one of the world’s most brutal drug lords. Degraded and abused, her descent into hell is complete when Evvie realizes she’s been made the ultimate victim. But when she changes the rules of the game, no one—not her husband, not the DEA, not even Spider—can stop her.

About the Author: Bill Branon


Title: Spider Snatch Sub Title: N/A Author: Bill Branon
Pub date: November 1999 ISBN: 978-0929712-44-4 Retail price: $24.95US
Format: Trade Paper Trim size: 6 in. x 9 in. Page count: 316

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