Rick Blaine

The buzzword in blackjack these days is MIT. Last year’s bestselling book Bringing Down the House, along with several TV documentaries, have chronicled the casino exploits of this team of college students and focused national attention on the fact that casino blackjack can be highly profitable when played properly. Living the high life by beating the casinos at their own game is an exhilarating prospect–only most players lack the skills. Blackjack Blueprint shows you how to play like a pro. From the first turn of the card to getting out of a foreign country with a suitcase full of winnings, this is the most comprehensive training manual for blackjack players ever written. Blackjack Blueprint teaches the same strategies that the MIT players used to “break Vegas,” including a few that they never disclosed. And best of all, these techniques can be employed part-time as a money-making hobby, just as the author, Rick “Night Train” Blaine, has applied them for years while maintaining his day job at a New York Fortune 500 company.

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Casino Player, Cigar Aficionado, Southern Gaming & Destinations

“Blackjack Blueprint proves to be an excellent book.”
—Cigar Aficionado

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