Prostate Cancer: Prevention and Cure

Attention All Men: The two most common cancers in men are skin cancer and prostate cancer. If you’re male and over 50, statistically you have a 50% chance of getting clinically significant prostate cancer at some point in your life.

Contrary to the statistics, prostate cancer is often preventable. And it’s curable in most men. But awareness is key. Prostate Cancer—Prevention and Cure tells you all you need to know about preventing, controlling, and curing this disease.

The author, Dr. Lee Nelson, is a prostate cancer survivor. He has successfully navigated the maze of treatment choices, side effects, and meaningful lifestyle changes that can significantly effect outcome and quality of life. His pursuit of wellness led him to study thousands of articles, interview dozens of experts, and draw some eye-opening conclusions about how to prevail in the battle against prostate cancer.

About the Author: Lee Nelson