On the Boulevard: The Best of John L. Smith

On the Boulevard
brings together the best writing of Las Vegas’ most popular columnist, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s John L. Smith. Smith provides singular insights into the fast, fluid, and often funny town he’s chronicled for nearly 20 years. Subjects include: Las Vegas mayor and Mob mouthpiece Oscar Goodman, legendary slot cheat Bill Land, and seldom-chronicled gambling icons such as Mel Exber (Las Vegas Club), Si Redd (IGT), and Big Julie Weintraub (’60s junket operator).

About the Author: John L Smith


Title: On the Boulevard Sub Title: The Best of John L. Smith Author: John L. Smith
Pub date: January 1999 ISBN: 978-0-929712-69-7 Retail price: $12.95US
Format: Trade Paper Trim size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. Page count: 315

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