Nice Shot, Mr. Nicklaus

Golf writer and hacker extraordinaire Michael Konik roams the golfing universe in this outstanding collection of stories about the game and its grandeur. Konik’s intimate profiles take you inside the minds and motives of some of the biggest names in golf—John Daly and Phil Mickelson, Raymond Floyd and Jim Colbert, Helen Alfredsson and Laura Davies, Dave Pelz and Vince Gill among them.

Nice Shot, Mr. Nicklaus guides readers around the planet in search of exotic golf adventures, from Scotland and Spain to the United Arab Emirates and El Salvador. Konik chronicles his own misadventures in some of the world’s quirkiest tournaments, writes eloquently and movingly about demeanor on the links, and, of course, caddies for Jack Nicklaus in the memorable title story.

Throughout Nice Shot, Mr. Nicklaus, Konik brings a refreshing originality to his coverage of the game.

About the Author: Michael Konik