My Week at the Blue Angel: And Other Stories from the Storm Drains, Strip Clubs, and Trailer Parks of Las Vegas

A savage journey to the heart of Hunter S. Thompson’s Las Vegas, with the Good Doctor as tour guide. A Lord of the Rings-like adventure in the city’s underground flood channels. A seven-day stay at a seedy motel on East Fremont Street.

The stories in My Week at the Blue Angel aren’t about Steve Wynn, Cirque du Soleil, or how to play poker and they aren’t set in Caesars Palace, XS Nightclub, or a 2,000-seat showroom. Rather, in this creative-nonfiction collection, Matthew O’Brien—author of Beneath the Neon—and veteran photographer Bill Hughes show a side of the city rarely seen. A side beyond the neon lights, themed facades, and motel-room doors. A side beyond the barbwire fences, “No Trespassing” signs, and midnight shadows.

A side of Las Vegas many locals and visitors are curious about, but few ever explore.

About the Author: Matthew O’Brien

Title: My Week at the Blue Angel Sub Title: And Other Stories From the Storm Drains, Strip Clubs, and Trailer Parks of Las Vegas Author: Matthew O’Brien
Pub date: November, 2010 ISBN: 978-1-935396-41-3 Retail price: $14.95US
Format: Trade Paper Trim size: 6 in. x 9 in. Page count: 203

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