Marton Magyar

Marton Magyar is a poker writer and recreational poker player from Budapest, Hungary.

He started his career by creating English-language content for premier Hungarian poker affiliate Pokerakademia. He then went on to write for big international sites, such as PokerTube, HighstakesDB, and Somuchpoker. He’s also worked as a content manager for Somuchpoker and VIP-Grinders.comm.

Marton is a prolific micro-stakes grinder, both live and online. Outside poker, he has experience in comedy and screenwriting. In 2013, he was a finalist in the Budapest File Academy’s screenwriting contest.

Marton learned English mainly on the internet. As a teenager, he watched every episode of the animated show “South Park” in the original language and read all the content he could find about the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

He also spent two summers in the U.S. via a program that provides summer jobs for foreign college students. The first was a kitchen job in 2016 at the Trail’s End Camp in Pennsylvania, the second was as a dishwasher at Zion Ponderosa Ranch in Utah.

Following his stint in Utah, Marton traveled to Las Vegas, where he played a few sessions of $1/$2 no-limit hold ’em and thought it would be kind of cool if he could so it as a job. Returning to Budapest, he landed his position at Pokerakademai, due to his excellent English, especially compared to most other Hungarians.

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