I Get Paid for This

1616I Get Paid for This is a hilarious must-read for anyone intrigued by Las Vegas nightlife or the real lives of the unique people who truly make Sin City tick.

From street magician to strip-club restroom attendant, from casino executive to oyster shucker, “stunt journalist” Rick Lax turned his hand to several distinctly unique Las Vegas professions on a quest to get inside the skin of Sin City. And now he’s spilling the beans on all of it.

Rick crashes bizarre only-in-Vegas conventions, throws wild parties, and hangs out with celebrities. He moonlights as a strip-club restroom attendant, a street magician, and a casino executive. And he always takes notes. Now he’s ready to share ’em.

In I Get Paid for This: Kicking Ass and Getting Paid in Las Vegas, Lax shines a light on a side of Las Vegas to which, previously, only in-the-know hipsters had access. Fully illustrated and featuring the full-color photography of Bryan Adams, I Get Paid for This provides a one-of-a-kind view of the most bizarre city on Earth — a funny and insightful exploration into the real Las Vegas.


About the Author: Rick Lax