Frugal Gambler, The (Second Edition)

In this completely updated and revised second edition to her gambling classic, Frugal Gambler author Jean Scott brings readers up to speed on changes relative to today’s casino scene. The new edition reveals her ongoing accomplishments as a low-rolling player, as well as tips she’s gleaned from being a full-time Las Vegas resident. New information includes:

• a completely revamped video poker chapter
• updated coverage on maximizing slot club membership
• examples of exploitable gambling promotions and how to look for them
• an all new Resources section to help you continue your “frugal” education, and much, much more!

Jean Scott’s frequent TV appearances, her long-term success in casinos around the world, and the solid low-rolling advantage-play techniques she’s divulged along the way have all contributed to her popularity, with scores of gamblers telling her their secrets, which she passes on.

About the Author: Jean Scott

Title: The Frugal Gambler Second Edition Sub Title: N/A Author: Jean Scott
Pub date: June, 2005 ISBN: 0-929712-42-0 Retail price: $12.95US
Format: Trade Paper Trim size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. Page count: 222

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