Cheating at Blackjack

1712It’s bold, it’s risky and, just like the magician’s arsenal of slick moves and misdirection, its secrets are known to only a few.  Unlike the parallel world of magic on the showroom stage, however, the sleight of hand techniques employed out on the casino floor, for cheating the house out of money, are completely illegal.

Cheating at Blackjack is the definitive resource on how professional con men, sleight-of-hand specialists, and sophisticated teams cheat at blackjack and other card games. This unique exposé provides a rare peek inside the clandestine world of casino cheating, where the stakes are high, in terms of money to be won and freedom to be lost.

With clear explanations and detailed illustrations, Dustin D. Marks, one of the world’s greatest casino cheats from both the player and dealer sides of the table, divulges an amazing array of specific moves, including switching cards in and out of play, stacking the deck, adding to the bet after seeing the cards, wearing disguises, and using computers—all to get the money.

This new edition combines the best of the author’s two books on the subject, updated to reflect current casino conditions.

About the Author: Dustin Marks