Casino Secrets

1705Humorist and long-time gambling instructor at Caesars Palace Barney Vinson show you how to play every popular game in the casino — in an easy and breezy style that makes learning how to gamble fun.

Barney packs 30 years of experience working as a dealer, pit boss, and instructor into this complete guide to gambling and the Las Vegas casinos (note that the book was published in 1997). Barney’s not only worked at them; he’s played at them, partied at them, and studied them with a keen eye.

In Casino Secrets, you’ll discover a bank vault’s worth of insider tips: when to visit Las Vegas, how to qualify for comped rooms and meals, the best free drinks to order, how to get help calculating odds at the crap tables, where to find discount coupons, and more.


About the Author: Barney Vinson