Casino-ology 2

Bill Zender’s Casino-ology took the art of casino management to new levels by introducing superior mathematical concepts to improve efficiencies within a casino operation. But after struggling through one of the worst financial periods in history, the world has changed. It’s imperative that casino managers be reactive to evolving markets and Casino-ology 2 addresses all the issues relevant to a challenging gaming environment.

In Casino-ology 2, Zender again confronts the gaming-world’s status quo, bringing to light new strategies for harnessing evolving technologies, adapting to evolving customer profiles and psychologies, and improving game protection in light of the emergence of more sophisticated advantage players and cheats.

Among the topics covered are the effects of buy-in churn on hold percentage; the side-bet explosion; effective dealer scheduling; banking games in California; money lending and the Asian customer; the merits of using pre-shuffled playing cards, as well as matchplay and promotional-chip program; the cell-phone and card-counter conundrum; and an updated look at the player-error rate in blackjack.

Zender brings it all together in the service of the singular goal of further refining the art of casino management.

About the Author: Bill Zender