Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook

Instructions in The BJ Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook cover slug values, tracking EV, danger zones, edge work, overbetting, and updated ace-location techniques. This isn’t your mother’s cookbook!

In this 110-page report, Arnold Snyder gives the down-and-dirty inside story on this powerful, but dangerous, form of card counting known as shuffle tracking. Shuffle tracking is so highly advanced that most blackjack professionals have been unable to make money. Snyder explains why in detail. In addition, he explains why “recipe tracking” simply doesn’t work, and why it’s disastrous to your bankroll.

Included are numerous practice and testing methods for players who want to learn shuffle tracking; methods for analyzing and comparing the profit potential of various shuffles; the cost of errors; why shuffle tracking is way below all casino radar; and why Las Vegas is still a skilled shuffle-tracker’s promised land.

About the Author: Arnold Snyder