Bargain City

1576When it was published in 1993, Anthony Curtis’ Bargain City was the first book to look at the amazing values available to Las Vegas visitors. Since that time, dozens of competing titles have been published, but none can compare to Anthony’s original tome. Much of the information included in Bargain City is indeed dated (you should get quite a kick out of the Vegas World VIPVacation analysis), but the valuable information about the how’s and why’s of beating Las Vegas are as valid today as they were then.

Read the story of the first “coupon run,” in which Anthony describes how to make the most out of every casino discount and promotion; the introduction of Jean Scott as she tells her story of staying in Las Vegas for 50 nights and getting 49 of them free; the basics of how to play all of the casino games; and many more money saving profit making tips.


About the Author: Anthony Curtis