A.D. “Pete” Fowler

ADFowlerA.D. “Pete” Fowler was born in Lehi, Utah. He’s lived all over the country, from Salt Lake City to Biloxi to Miami, from San Jose to Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas. He’s been a pro bowler, a 2-handicap golfer, and one of the top ten card players in the world (though he knows several hundred other card players who claim the same about themselves). He’s owned and operated 31 businesses and has five children. He lives (this year, anyway) in Escondido, California, with his wife and two teenage boys. He’s most proud of his ability to survive whatever life has offered and he credits his good fortune to the lessons learned on his early excursions into Nevada gambling. He lost all of his money and learned, and always remembered, that gambling is a two-way street.

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